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a girl who's really shy and loves to suceed in school.. she is a goodie good and will never do anything bad... she crushes on younger guys and usually is very tall.. all moms want her to date their sons because they think shes gorgeous.. she will never do anything bad.. can be a smartmouth when it comes to the person she likes.. always obeys parents and may fight with sisters a lot..
Pitrina is a landy.
by ilovepot1111111111111111111111 December 01, 2010
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Anything you want it to mean.
Kayla is so landy.
by I'mKayla May 03, 2009
1. A type of annoying duck.usually can be seen near the begining of NFL commercials yelling aflack! 2. A stalker who preys on beans. Beans are the landies favorable prey.
1. Wow that landy is annoying. It's landy season! 2. Wow I wish that landy would quit stalking beaner. ( name for a teenage bean. Lima bean. What have you)
by Kniferlayton November 19, 2011
a common nickname given to a Land Rover. Usually given by people that love their Landy a lot.
Like OMG, my Landy got hit by a deer!
by MsHilton October 16, 2007

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