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A state of emotional connectedness between two people, where one or both of the individuals are overwhelmingly possessive.
You know your in a strangulationship when your girlfriend is overbearing. My girlfriend never allowed me to be alone with her sister, initially having no attraction to her sibling I naturally thought this behavior was ridiculous. However, after years of overwhelming mistrust her sister and I would occasionally flirt to poke fun at her ridiculousness. This ultimately resulted in wild unadulterated sex, with her sister, in the upstairs restroom at a family gathering.
by sognatore87 December 17, 2009
when one side of the relationship asphyxiates the other by befriending every social contact, frequenting all the same locations, stalking online and ignoring repeated attempts of the victim to flee.

usually performed from behind as the victim didn't realize the relationship even existed, because there was only one social interaction
steve: so, are you and that chick dating now? she's all over your facebook and keeps showing up at our bar.

bob: no, we slept together once, and now i'm trying to break out of the hold.

steve: break out of the hold?

bob: yeah, strangulationship.
by alainmke January 19, 2011

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