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When any action, comment or situation you are involved with is taken and spun entirely out of context to enforce the personal agenda of a (usually narrow-minded, educated only enough to be dangerous) third-party who has only their own personal benefit at heart.
Mike - "Remember that douche, Bill O'Reilly, who was constantly creeping on my girl?"

James - "The one with the herp?"

Mike - "Yeah, the bastard took that picture of me kissing your mom last Christmas and convinced her that I was cheating so that she'd dump me for him. He almost FoxNewsed me, dude."

James - "What a douche. Wait...you were kissing my mom?"
by alainmke December 02, 2011
when one side of the relationship asphyxiates the other by befriending every social contact, frequenting all the same locations, stalking online and ignoring repeated attempts of the victim to flee.

usually performed from behind as the victim didn't realize the relationship even existed, because there was only one social interaction
steve: so, are you and that chick dating now? she's all over your facebook and keeps showing up at our bar.

bob: no, we slept together once, and now i'm trying to break out of the hold.

steve: break out of the hold?

bob: yeah, strangulationship.
by alainmke January 19, 2011
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