i love alchohol,cigarettes,drugs and sex woohoo!!!!
woohhooo why kead a borring life when it could be fun and sexual
by yo mama January 16, 2005
it means no smoke, no drink, no fuck...for short no fun.
sam is gone, he's dead... yeah, he's a straight edge now.
by curved shit August 13, 2003
teenage kids who are only waiting for their 21st birthday to come so they can go get drunk off their asses
16 year old kid: I'm so fucking straight edge! I can't wait til I'm 21...
by lostandconfused June 25, 2003
floppy faggot bitches who suck off dirty animal cock to get high instead of being a normal person
dan aguino is a whorebag edge bitch who will get his nigger ass iced
by dan fox March 23, 2005
someone who does nothing.No drugs,alcohol,smoking,or sex. someone that has no life and no fun and spends their day on myspace posting bulletins on how hardcore they are.
non-straight edge kid: aye kid,wanna smoke some dope?
straightedge kid: why would i wanna ruin my life smoking weed when i can be hardcore dancing?
by Ashlee Menter. July 10, 2008
someone who doesnt smoke, drink, or fuck.

basically a square with a different label and an excuse.

square rubix cube

kid 1: "i dont drink or smoke"
kid 2: "why not"
kid 1: "im straightedge"
kid 2: "in other words ur sober"
kid 1: "i guess"
kid 2: "what do you do instead?"
kid 1: "i play video games and i go fishing"
kid 2: "uhhhh ANWAYS. im bout to go to a crackin party. peace"
by Alex Wan September 14, 2007
a person who engages in no sexual relations with anyone.
a person who refuses drugs r alchohol.
a person who has no fun whatsoever
Taylor: hey amber you wanna have sex while at a party with smoking and alcohol?

Amber: no thanks im straightedge.
by Allie Marie December 13, 2007
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