people who choose to not do drugs , drink alcohol or have casual sex .
" hey man , want some hash ? " says darth vader
" no thanks , im straight edge . " r2d2
by Taylor McGinnis April 20, 2008
A way of living involving no drugs, alcohol, or premicious sex. This term originally came from a 1980's hardcore band named Minor Threat. They wrote a song called "Straight Edge" (you wouldnt guess). Most people don't know why they were ACTUALLY straight edge. As many people know, the 1980's hardcore was a group of people who just wanted to be different than everyone else. At this time period, all the kids were smoking weed, drinking beer and doing all that shit. These hardcore kids did it to be different. In today's society, most straight edge kids don't know about this and are just straight edge to be cool.
Back in the day, Minor Threat was a straight edge hardcore band.
by Calvin-o November 01, 2007
It's about keeping it pure, staying true to yourself, and respecting your body. No drugs, no alcohol, no promiscuous sex. The issue of sex has become skewed and you may find people that call themselves straight edge and still have promiscuous sex. I personally have never heard of someone breaking edge because they had sex with some one. Although that does not mean I don't consider promiscuous sex part of being straight edge.That's another issue.

Straight Edge originated with the band Minor Threat. Minor Threat was formed in D.C. in 1980. Ian McKaye, vocals, wrote "I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't fuck, at least I can fuckin think," In the song Out of Step which was released in early 1981 on their EP, In My Eyes. This was later coined as straight edge with a song entitled Straight Edge on Minor Threat's next self titled EP later in 1981. The term caught on throughout the D.C. punk/hardcore scene and also spread throughout Boston.

Straight Edge is often abbreviated as sXe. The "X" became associated with Straight Edge because of a loop hole in laws of Washington D.C. at the time. The legal drinking age at the time was 18. Most shows were booked in clubs and bars and this posed a problem for most of the kids going to shows as they were minors. Another law in Washington at the time was that all bars must also serve food. Therefore there was no such thing as a bar in D.C. in 1980, there were only restaurants. Kids worked with bouncers and said they would put X's on their hands to symbolize that they were minors and could not drink. This eventually evolved into a symbol of Straight Edge and kids began to X up even when shows were not at bars.


Straight edge bands new and old: Minor Threat, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Slapshot, Earth Crisis, Judge, Side By Side, Bold, Carry On, Chain of Strength, Champion, Ten Yard Fight, With Honor, Down To Nothing, Stand and Fight, xLooking Forwardx, BANE, Casey Jones, In My Eyes, Floorpunch, Comeback Kid, Strife, Mouthpiece, Underdog, Death Before Dishonor, Embrace Today, The Promise, Good Clean Fun, I Hate You, Youth Brigade and many more.
by xJHUNTx December 07, 2005
Idiots who don't do drugs.
Or sex.
Mostly scenesters.
And emo kids.
"OMGZZ Lyk, I'm soooo xxx..Straight Edge 4 LYFE."

by wooshhaa. November 28, 2005
Straight edge (XXX-sXe)

means no drugs, no smoking, no alchochol, and no premarital sex. there are other spins saying no caffine or meat.

See edge, straight-edge, sXe}, self respect
-Wanna get really wasted and bang tonight?

-nah me and mah biznitches is straight edge
by Stupid April 15, 2005
Attempt by Mormom kids to make their cult mandated lifestyle seem cool.
If I gotta wear the magic underwear and not drink Coke, then you won't either!
by jingjong February 15, 2005
is a bunch of losers who never get offered anything

and think smoking and drinking and drugs are bad WTF!?

and show up to gigs with tea and water and try to pick fights with people who are more richer better and have lives

straight edge is fucking retarded their like Nazis they try to force their life style on to others by force but they get the fuck beaten out of then cuz straight edge is weak and drunks could fuck 'em up!!
NORMAL person)"straight edge is gay"

other NORMAL person)"i know, i could beat them if i was drunk!!"


straight edge guys)*CRYING*
by sXeKILLA!!! August 23, 2009
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