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When a person abstains from drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking and casual sex.
that guy is so cool, he's straight edge
by Llywelyn WIlliams April 09, 2003
13 20
losers who listen to their parents when they tell them propaganda about drugs, sex and alcohol. people who dont know how to have a good time, usually are much more boring than the majority of people. mainly consists of social outcasts, and are often the laughing stock of popular kids who socialize and have lives. the men are generally afraid of vagina's and women secretly finger themselves to the thought of nick jonas. search up "pussy" for an alternate definition of straight edges. being very religious people, they tend to shun away anyone who questions or does not beleive in their religion, which is usually maintream western religions like christianity or catholism, judging first, asking questions later. often they think they're better than drug users and drinkers, but youll never find them off their computer actually socializing, cause everyone else is drinking and they dont wanna be apart of the excitement. they're usually the result of alcoholic parents, determined not to fall in the footsteps of their elders. they put X's on their arms because they think having this 'mysterious' letter on their body will make up for the fact that they are drop dead boring and very annoying to be around. close to no one wants to hang out with them, and the only people that can stand them are other straight edges and their parents. they say they dont need drugs to have fun, but they tend to stay home on a friday night rather than actually going out.
Kevin: sup you wanna hit the bar on friday?
Alisha: no way, im a straight edge, dont try to tempt me with your evil poisons, you horrid drug abuser!
Kevin: hahahhahah, good luck with that faggot.
Alisha: im just gunna stay home and listen to christian rock and watch disney movies all night. hugs not drugs!

Kevin: did you know alisha is a straight edge?
Darrell: hah what a fucking social outcast. how more boring could you get?
Kevin: i know right? id rather be dead than straight edge
by sXeisfordouchebaggerslol December 13, 2011
5 13
is a bunch of losers who never get offered anything

and think smoking and drinking and drugs are bad WTF!?

and show up to gigs with tea and water and try to pick fights with people who are more richer better and have lives

straight edge is fucking retarded their like Nazis they try to force their life style on to others by force but they get the fuck beaten out of then cuz straight edge is weak and drunks could fuck 'em up!!
NORMAL person)"straight edge is gay"

other NORMAL person)"i know, i could beat them if i was drunk!!"


straight edge guys)*CRYING*
by sXeKILLA!!! August 23, 2009
7 15
Originated when bands used to play at bars and the underage members would have to put x's on their hands so that they couldn't be served drinks. Also, there is rumor that it originated from "Emo" dickweeds who cut themselves with razors a.k.a. Straight edge blades.
Straight Edge person- "I cut myself to prove to you really cool kids that I'm not a pussy just because I don't drink, party, have sex, smoke, do drugs, or have any fun what so ever."

Me- *stab* *smoke joint* *smoke cigarette* *put out cigarette in the kids eye* "Faggot"
by Z-Diggidy March 27, 2009
10 18
straight edge is a lifetime commitment to no smoking,no drinking,and no drugs thats all there is to it.once you claim it than thats it your edge for life, if you sell out than you never were straight edge you are just weak!!!
im straight edge and im fucking rad
by Xlee pX August 07, 2008
8 16
To avoid everything good in life and suffer by yourself or with your other straight edge shit cunts. You don't have fun, or know what it is, obviously.
I'm straight edge.
*initiate homosexuality*
by Booterz July 21, 2008
22 31
Please see Square Edge
"Just because I'm straight edge doesn't mean I don't have fun"
by SQED February 14, 2005
9 17