basically saying im too much of a pussy to do drugs or have sex but im still into cool things or im just afraid my of my parents but im a hardcore motherfucking punk/poser emo/poser
poser faggot punk:im straight edge so im still cool with you guys right?
real punk: shut the fuck up bitch! no johnny go get me some smack
by cool ass mothafucker November 02, 2008
no drugs, no sex, no fun.
Amber: Do you wanna have sex, and do drugs and it will be fun?

Taylor: No thanks im straight edge! sXe
by allison walden November 30, 2007
The label to the pledge of being clean and self-respectful. Often linked to Hard Line, the pledge is to stay drug and alcohol free. Others also choose to stay casual sex free, but that is part of the hard line life style. The three xs are like strikes... but in truth, one strike and you're out. Edge is a lifestyle not a real label. You dont have to announce it to the whole world.
"Hey man! Wanna pitch in on the weed?"
"I'm straight edge bro. I dont do stuff like that."
by Joey Hollywood May 08, 2007
Please see Square Edge
"Just because I'm straight edge doesn't mean I don't have fun"
by SQED February 14, 2005
Coined by Ian Mackaye of the band Minor Threat.
It always means
smokes drinks drugs or promiscious sex.
Sometimes it means not consuming meat and caffiene, it varies.
It's about strength as a person.
Usually kids take it too far and can be real asshats about it.
Most edge kids break edge/sell out by the end of their teens.
hatexedgers act like jerks to non-edgers because they are insecure about themselves and think labels like vegan and straight edge make them a better person.
by Liam May 05, 2004
A philosophy originated in the early 80's in the US punk rock community which defines a punk who does not use drugs (either legal or illegal). The name came from a song from the band Minor Threat that briefly described what was understood as the straight edge way of life. In the early 90's "straight edge" started to be viewed as vegetarian, contrary to promiscuous sex and even religious which is not true despite the attitude of certain groups inside the community who can be held responsible for such image.
A:I am a straight edge / I am a straight edger

B:What does that say about you?

A: It means I am a member of the punk rock community who does not use drugs and choose to define myself as a straight edge

B: Is it true that you guys are all vegetarian, avoid promiscuous sex andhave connections with christian and hindu religions?

A: I think most straight edgers are either vegan or vegetarian but I have not met many who would avoid sex for moral reasons and many of us are atheists.
by oldschool January 22, 2004
A bunch of hypoctitical dicks with inferiority complexes that say they dont drink, smoke, or have premarital sex but, still hang out at the bars I frequent to start fights with people who do those things. People defined as straight edge usually hate their dads, or have small penises, or both. The ones with no visible tattos usually become cops for that very reason.
john: hey jim i think im gonna go straight edge.

Jim: i didnt know you hated your dad.
by eqosome August 13, 2009

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