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Ford inline 6 for example. Instead of a V shaped 6 cylinder with 3 on each side, the engine has 6 cylinders lined up front to back.
My truck has a Straight 6.
by Nickos March 18, 2007
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something intense, wild, or out of control
i shot my gun off and got outta there, straight 6 right
by Mike Bremner March 18, 2005
Phrase used by the illest, most pimpest pimp in the Columbia County area for the word fuckin.
T Fizzle shoutin a holla to c-town and all the brotha's in da area, straight 6in' dem bitches like it aint no thang!
by T Fizzle April 04, 2004
A now obsolete automobile engine that had six cylinders in a row, instead of two rows as a current V-6 engine.
My old Chevy Nova had a straight 6 engine.
by Unidyne March 11, 2005

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