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Reference to the box in a teacher's classroom in which students turn in their assignments. To go Straight To The Box is to go to said box and "borrow" an assignment that you haven't done and to copy it. (Borrow is in quotations because some Straight To The Boxers neglect to return the homework they've stolen in fear of the teacher recognizing the similarity between the two assignments. These STTBers give the rest of us a bad name) Straight To The Box-ing usually leads to the beginning of a Cheat Chain, as most STTBers have enough moral fiber to share with others.
He-man: Fuck, are we even doing this right? The lab report is due tomorrow.
D-White: Man, it don't even matter. You know I'm about to go straight to the box
by Cheater McCheatster March 07, 2009
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