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Slang for something that is hot, as in : Top of a stove hot.
Anything that is too hot to handle, can be called a 'Stove Top'
Tracy Morgan has the word Stove Top tattooed on his penis.
by Travesty8me June 30, 2009
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To combine two or more events separately in one night like a date, without the two parties knowing that one is doing both. Taken from the popular Stovetop TV commercials of the 1980's: 'Hey Jimmy...what time is your Mom making Stovetop? 5pm-I be there. Hey Johhny what time is your Mom making Stovetop? 7pm-Count Me in'
Hey that dude has a date with 2 girls on Friday. Yeah he is stovetopping Brenda and Mary.
by Michael Comey November 08, 2005
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An adjective usually pertaining to muffins, meaning very hot and plumpy; your finger tips will burn if touched. Usually located within close proximity of stickers.
"Watch out, baby girl got some stove top muffins, her momma's gonna whip your ass if you try to eat them."
by Graham Bennett May 10, 2006
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Hot, as in temperature, but could theoretically be used to describe an attractive woman.
Man, it's madd stovetop out here, it must be 95 degrees outside.
by NRGT April 19, 2006
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