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An excuse for cheating you can only use once every few thousand years.
Mary swears she wasnt stepping out on Joseph, the child was a miracle birth! It was immaculate conception, not your cousin Tony!
by Another Apostle March 20, 2009
Pregnancy resulting from a sexual encounter during which
the method of contraception used would have been approved of
by the Catholic church.
"Child number four must have been a case of Immaculate Conception. I swear I pulled out of her every time!"
by Sean the Snorf Dude August 19, 2006
A New Testament doctrine wherein Mary concieved Jesus Christ without having sex.
See MATTHEW 1:18-25 & LUKE 1:26-35.
For some reason, most Christians believe that since Mary did not have sex with Joseph (or anyone else) then Joseph cannot be Jesus' father. But, the Bible clearly says that Joseph was Jesus' father.

LUKE 3:23,
"Jesus began His ministry when He was about 30 years old. He was, as was supposed, the son of Joseph, who was the son of Heli."

Many read the above verse as though it says, "...He was NOT, as was supposed, the son of Joseph...". Even though Jesus was a product of Immaculate Conception, Yahweh could have taken DNA from Joseph to create Jesus, similar to when He took a rib from Adam to form Eve.

Jesus often refers to Himself as "the son of (a) man". Below are just references from the book of MATTHEW.

MATTHEW 8:20, 9:6, 11:19, 12:32, 13:37,41, 16:13,27,28, 17:9,12,22, 18:11, 19:28, 20:28, 24:27,30,39, 25:31, 26:24, 26:45,64,
by Joshua Ben Joseph May 13, 2009
A shit that mysteriously you didn't have to wipe your ass after.
I finished my business, wiped my ass, and there was nothing on the toilet paper. It was an immaculate conception.

(Not to be confused with a piece of poop that looks like the Virgin Mary)
by Mark Long August 31, 2007
one chance to hit it so that your life line lives on
One artist claims he was conceived by immaculate conception. His Dad got out the penn on a way way trip. He got one chance to hit a piece so that he lives on in his son. He knew it was a one way ticket. The bitch this artist calls mother and Mom is the one that took his Pops out. But this is the woman he chose as Moms, with his punk ass. She wished she could have made him and tried to control him the way she couldn't control his Dad. Dad was on a Penitentiary bid and lived life to help his people in the struggle as it was called then. Didn't mind making the punk and he knows who I am.
by dionys May 04, 2006
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