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A person who gathers bits and pieces of people's life stories and fills the often large gaps with his own stupid imagination and tends to fabricate a highly incorrect and false reflection of the truth. A person who can't tell the truth and lives in a fantasy world with no resemblance to reality. Frequently plagued my mental instabilities and psychological dysfunction. Perhaps even prone to suffering a personality disorder.
Nick is a big time story teller. I wouldn't trust a word he says.
by sericesmb16 January 21, 2015
A person who lets a blunt/joint burn out while reciting long stories; this is generally a habitual act.
Person1; Hey!, Chachi! You let the blunt burn out again!
Person2: Man, she always does that -- she's a storyteller!
by Lucy 239 November 09, 2011
A socialy akward person who only gains friends by making fictional ridiculous stories about "how they got hurt this" or how "unlucky they are since they did that", and have no other way of making humor nor actually starting a conversation with the person they want to become friends with.
kelvin: In may when the teacher handed us our sheets with cornell note listings I didnt look at the dates and did all of them in 3 days I was so stressed.
Elias:Oh wow thats funny
Alex: *sigh
*Kelvin walks away
Elias: Im starting to think kelvin ACTUALLY IS funny
Alex: Yeah, Im in science class with him, he did no such work and...I dont even think the teacher handed out a cornell sheet in may, what a fucking story teller.
Alex: Hes never gonna succeed in life
Elias: I know right
by Boyfriendizeree September 19, 2014
A man who lies about loosing his virginity when he was 10 and lies about getting stabbed in the shoulder.
Your dad didn't create Marsoc you Story Teller!
by January 05, 2015
A person whose Snapchat story is continuously on point.
DJ Khaled is a great storyteller, he always has me dying.
by swagondeeznuts July 17, 2016
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