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To be "Stormin" on Halo Reach means to have Inclement Weather
"Yo, dude I believe in Jesus, And I'm Stormin Dog
by dudeitscoke February 15, 2011
Comes from the Edinburgh slang "Stormin Norman", meaning to be on you own.
Sometimes modified to "stormer" - someone who is on his storman
Or even to be "storminated" - literally "on my own"

This is not the harshest work in the urban dictionary but if coupled with a swear word or two, someone might stab you (if you were in Glasgow).
Guy 1: "I've been on my stormin all day, its getting on my tits"
Guy 2: "Thats cos ur a smelly c*nt"

Jock: "Your a f*cking stormer you fat b*stard"

Slim: "I hate being storminated, I have to jack off to keep myself company"
by Jimmay Rae March 09, 2006

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