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Sometimes goes by the name Bo Hunter... sometimes it's his trailer second wife on his name... one can never be sure and this does not really matter because he's whipped and he has no brain of his own. They put PSU in their name as to be associated with Penn State University, even though they have no high school education FORGET ANY TYPE OF COLLEGE EDUCATION!!! AND CERTAINLY NOT ONE FROM A TOP UNIVERSITY! These people are so stupid they don't even know anyone at Penn State! StormHunterPSU can typically be found near PA boarders in trailers missing one or more wheels and yelling about pussy on the internet for lack of a real life and moral values! The male favors remarks about "snapping necks of birds" where as the female resorts to screaming insults at everyone she's jealous of!
Its StormHunterPSU... it's obviously either Jeff or Melinda Grace... apparently they have not died of trailer fumes or STDs yet!
by anti_yeah_who_chee_f_it December 05, 2004
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