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When you post so many nude selfies online that people you don't even know have already seen them and can pick them out of a lineup. This causes detrimental effects to your personal life.
This chick posted so many nudes online that she lost custody of her kids...she went down in a blaze of whorey.
by WookieCookie November 12, 2014
A unique last name for unique people. That is of dutch/german dissent
Person1: hi, whats your last name?
Person2: my last name is von Storch
by wookiecookie May 25, 2009
The ghetto rapper version of the name Khalil.
Red: Hey Lil KhaKha! What's good in da hood?
Nino: Not now Red. God bless.
by WookieCookie February 19, 2015
To laugh IRL at something online. More descriptive and factual than typing lol, lulz, lmao, hahaha, etc to tell people you look like a moron chuckling at your device in public.
Happy: "did you see that meme I made of AJ?"
Red: "that shit was priceless. I'm legit loling at work"
by WookieCookie September 19, 2014
Using the cheesiest damn lines from any shitty movie in an attempt to score a basic bitchs' nudes online.
Outlander: "did anyone tell you that you have the face of a Boticelli and the body of a Degas?"

Kelly: "That's some serious cinemackin. She must be a solid 6"
by WookieCookie September 19, 2014
Always taking a selfie in a hoodie to hide your face and corresponding age so you seem younger and cooler to chicks.
Red: "whys that hot e-bitch talking to Will?"
Happy: "He hoodiemexed her"
by WookieCookie September 18, 2014

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