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A combination of three words:
Super, tight, and dope.
This word is used to describe something that is greater than either tight or dope, and even more impressively, greater than the combination of the two words.

This word should only be used in the best of situations, or to describe the best of things.

"Angelina Jolie has such stope tits dude"
"I know bro! Stooooooope!"

"Dude, bro, I found a benjamin on the ground! That's a hundred fucking dollars man!"
by Patbrochill July 16, 2008
a word used to describe something that is awesome, cool, legit...etc
1. dude! that hat is so stope!

yeah man, i know!

2. yo, dude whose that new guy, you know him?

yeahhh, hes so stope
by shaunwhiteismygod February 15, 2006
a much better word, then the commonly overused phrase "sweet"

stope is a new generation phrase.

use it and you will be respected., i mean. STOPE
"my birthday party was so not stope when i fell into the pond and pooped my pants"
by kay snuggs February 15, 2006
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