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Verb: stoogled, stoogling.
The act of stalking an individual by performing a Google search using their name. Contracted from 'stalk' and 'google'.

Noun: stoogler.
One who stoogles.
Usage: "I stoogled that girl I met at the bar last night and found a picture of her as well as where she works, lives, and went to high school."

Usage: "Don't give that tech nerd your name. He looks like a dirty stoogler."
Stalk via Google search. We all engage in it anymore so I figured I'd give such behavior a name.
"After an exhaustive stoogle of you at work today, I've decided to rescind my original offer to be your roommate"
by stoppinandthinkin April 29, 2014
When you use Google (or the internet) to find a decent convenient bathroom you need to go to the bathroom.
I had to shit, so I Stoogled a hotel and totally dropped my guts.
by dfunk2000 October 10, 2007
Extension of the popular name Stu, This partcular specimen, is almost as usefull for random useless information as the popular web search engine, 'Google'. Therefore, If ever information is required, we refer to "Stoogle".
Question: "How does a quasi-thermo membrane work?"
Answer: "Don't know, ask Stoogle!"
by Animalector January 23, 2007
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