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A terrible smelling ass; a stinky butt that smells like rotten fish mixed with week old grundle butter

stinky + donkey(ass) = stonkey
Person 1: "Hey. Did you get any ass last night?"

Person 2: "Yea, man that bitch was fine as shit, but she had a big ol' stonkey"
by Beck11 February 19, 2009
Stinky ass.
Sentence- yo i hooked up with this chick last night and she had that stonkey ass.

Person 1- did you hook up with that braud last night.

Person 2- ya it sucked she had a stonkey
by pmill February 17, 2009
When Anybody but in particular a Female who has a fat pudging stomach which sticks out farther than their rear assets...(the Booty)....
That gurl aint got no booty, but she got a Stonkey on her (booty in the front)....
by JizzJuice44**88 August 17, 2009
the butt of a white girl that should be on a black girl.
a white girl that has a lotta junk in her trunk.
"Did you see that white girl over there, she has a stonkey"
by Misty D June 12, 2006

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