A circle of gay men having anal intercourse with each other. Each man is a pillar and the penis is the cross-stone.
I just went down to San Francisco and saw like ten guys making a stonehenge!!
by Mr Ueta July 25, 2008
Referring to a drug addict, a crackhead
Karl: Did you bring teh shit?
John: Yea, yea, wait a second, stonehenge!
by norbert April 26, 2005
A state comprehensive in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Extremely uneducated and located in a highly scmmy position. People are normally found to be having sex, shanking people or egging house. Common drug use and overall filled with many special retards.
A is Educated
B is Stonehenge finest

A: Your statistically more likely to get stabbed if you carry a knife..
B: I'll just shank 'em b4 they get near me init!
by Ladiesman931 November 07, 2010

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