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words used by hot rod hundley after john stockton passes for an assist to karl malone who scores
did you see that stockton to malone pass last night?
by Richard December 31, 2003
Named for the famous one-two punch for the Utah Jazz, a Stockton to Malone is when you fart in your hand and lift it up to your buddy or girlfriend's nose, thereby assiting in their enjoyment of your gas.

"Dude, the date was going fine until I passed her a wicked stockton to malone. She hasn't called me since..."
#fart #shart #escapee #dirty sanchez #hot carl
by joe9999999 September 01, 2007
When a white man allows black man to have sex with his wife/girlfriend.
Barney always did have strange fetishes, like when he pulled a Stockton-to-Malone, passing Belinda to his new friend D'Juan, and jerking off to the videotape for weeks after.
#interracial sex #fetish #stockton to malone #wife swapping #wifeswap
by mephistopheles jefferson April 05, 2009
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