unusual but coolest name ever! very few in the world. usually pronounced "Steve" but Stive is cooler. its like styve. people named Stive probably do pot...and drink. if anyone tells you their name is Stive, frikkinn talk to them!
Yo Stive!
by stive! March 09, 2011
Top Definition
The combination of all the STDs from all over the world. The STD of Stives is found in the village (everyone takes turns) vagina of Jess. It can be caught in the boys restroom where severaldicks are shoved into the orange saggy vagina. The symptoms of this STD, is your skin turns orange like a ompa-lumpa and you start to talk in a manly voice like savanna.
Dude I just came out of the restroom now my skin is turning orange I look like a fucking ompa-lumpa! Holy shit I must have caught Stives!
by liljkilla November 28, 2007
(Adj)Used to describe someone wearing something tight. Usually a tight pair of jeans.
Yo, those pants are stive.
by Mitch Silver December 19, 2006
the nickname of my amazingly good cousin, he is the funniest person I have ever met.
I am going to see my cousin stive in the summer, I cant wait.
by Jamie mitchell February 28, 2004
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