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1. Related to the stives disease, is a common relation to symptoms found when you have obtained it. Your skin will become very orange, your hair will turn the color of grass or hemp. You may develop skin cancer, from sun burns each time you enter the restroom in which the Stives predator lays. Song and dance will be spilling out your mouth, since that is all that is left to process in your brain after the AIDS forms with other STDs to wipe out the rest of the cells in your brain.

Your pubic hair will fall off, or turn green, along with your penis. The bones become brittle and your legs will commonly extend out making your quite short.

2. an Ompa-Lumpa is also a little orange man with green hair, they are the slaves to the evil candy (drug-lord) William Alfredo Wonka
Oh no, your legs are beginning to break, making you the size of an Ompa-Lumpa
Has jess touched you? Your right arm resembles the skin of an Ompa Lumpa.
Willy Wonka's Ompa Lumpa's sing fun songs it appears, but secret messages reveal the beatings they are delivered off set.
by aofwbegwao March 19, 2008

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