Stitch - Someone who habitually glosses over the image of his/her family, friends or workplace when in fact they are a highly dysfunctional bunch.
Girl: Wow, how well prissy she is even as her kids keep clawing at each other!
Boy: Yeah, I noticed that too, what a stitch!
by 4nntt November 17, 2007
Issue or problem with someone or something
" so if that was your stitch about not wanting to live here because of Susan, shes moving next month "
by Tawni Lynn April 24, 2007
To accidentally pocket, steal someone elses belongings, usually a lighter.
"Hey Iain, stop Stitching me lighter Bro"
by KellilleK May 27, 2008
The mysterious vertical skin protrusion on a mans testicles (Best seen when ball sack is cold).
Father O'Brien: Look here Joey, this is where God stiched me up after he created me.

Joey: How can I see when you've teabagged your nuts in my mouth?
by Danny SS August 05, 2005
n. Abbr. Scot. Stich

A problem, usually associated with a customer or colleague.
"Can you deal with this stitch?"

"You stiched me up you bastard!"
by Machtzu October 18, 2004
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