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a child acting up, if an adult, someone endearing to you that you are chewing out
by Anonymous November 10, 2002
A stinkpot is person or an animal (a dog) who is being a brat or just generally unpleasant. It can also be used as a term of endearment. It by no means refers to a part of the woman's body.
Person#1: Did you see that Max got into the trash and spread it all over the yard?
Person#2: Yea, that little stinkpot...
by the SHREDDMASTER May 07, 2009
{noun}: A large cup or bowl in which leftover contents of old beverages are dumped into, instead of taking each individual can, cup or bottle to the sink. Usually created the day after parties or during a frenzied cleaning of a bachelor's place of residence. Can often end up being comprised of old soda, beer, leftover cereal milk, coffee, etc. Chugging an especially nasty stinkpot is officially legendary.
Dude 1: Holy shit, my place is a disaster. I haven't cleaned my living room in a month and some ladies are coming over in half an hour.

Dude 2: Chill man. Just make a stinkpot, dump in in the toilet, and throw everything else in a closet.
by [T][R][S] September 03, 2009
when you fuck a girl, your penis gets endulged with the slowly creeping up stink pot jucie and if the accident first ocurres make sure you take a long shower! You are lucky if you find the right stink pot, it will buy you some time, before wash again..
Conclusion must be, wear a condom if you frequently hopp around the scoring market.
However, the search for the perfect stink pot will never end!! ;)
"Look at that girl!!" "its not a girl its a stinkpot!!"
by Aradorski January 28, 2013
A smelly or dirty vagina; a woman having the same
Her stinkpot made me gag
by Big Steve September 04, 2003
A womans anus.
I stuck it in her stink pot
by dave March 10, 2004
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