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1) Also known as ass wink or A Brown Pucker. When a chick flexes her anus in the 69 position this is a "Stink Wink"
2) Farting as a response or greeting.
1) Meghan thinking (he's doing such a good job down there I think I'll give him a stink wink)
2) (Foul Stench noticed as John leaves the room, Dude what the hell was that?!?) It's a stink wink, you heard me right!
by Narfle T. Garthok September 18, 2009
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The quasi-sexual procedure of a man sticking his index finger into his female partner's rectum and then proceeding to poke her in the eye with the contaminated finger.
Kelly developed a sty in her right eye from the stink wink Jonas gave her last night.
by RippedJMan December 02, 2005
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The flex your anus makes when you fart
I saw my girlfriend's stink wink in the shower.
by OwlTurtleMeerkat October 06, 2010
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The act of bending over a woman, licking her asshole, and blowing a tuft of air into her balloon knot and watch that brown eye wink at you.
i was on my girl giving her balloon knot a tongue lashing, when i noticed a hair on it and i attempted to blow it away resulting in a stink wink
by Emulators November 17, 2010
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When you moon somebody and fart and your butthole winks when it opens to release the fart.
Fart stank butthole greetings
As tom rounded the corner and I gave him the stink wink.
by BAMFbitch June 14, 2016
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an animal who's tail is up showing their "stink wink"
My dog Steve's tail is always up leaving no choice but to see his stink wink.
by Shawn Gagne' June 26, 2008
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