stink meaning something is ugle or butterz
errr blud that picture is stink!
err blud gemma's pussy is stink!
That is stink
by sperminater November 17, 2008
the smell of a person after they are done having anal sex with multiple partners in a dumpster
after aaron j. was done getting pounded by jerry and fred in the ass inside the dumpster jerry and fred both looked at aaron and said nice STINK and they both had grins on thier face because they just made aaron thier bitch. Then aaron offered them both up a chilli dog yummy
by FRESNO_DOGG January 05, 2005
some thing that smells so bad that you could die!
(ex. my mom's hairspray or my breath)
by t4tori1110 December 28, 2003
a form of stress relief whilst tensing hand into a 'claw-like' posture.
"Aaaaaaaaargh! STINK!"
by Stealthy Stanley October 22, 2003
A 1991 Tv series character that looks like a Stink....hence the name Stink. land of the lost
example: Heyyyy Stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Zeto Fantastic June 22, 2006
Another word for anal penetration... used as a verb
1. Man, I'd stink her right in the ass all day long

2. You see the whale Mike is stinkin? Damn shes huge.
by E Money Business September 19, 2006
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