Short for the word "Stigetto": A ciggarette.
"Dude, Can I bum the stig from you?"
by Stealth June 14, 2006
Top Definition
Top Gear's "Tame racing driver"

Stig never speaks and is covered in a white fireproof nomex driving suit and a black visored helmet.

Also known as "The Stig" or more recently "Cuddles"

His job is basically to drive fast ... very fast.

Is introduced by the Top Gear presenters with amusing "facts" usually starting with "Some say..."
Some say he has webbed feet, and his helmet can intercept radio waves .... All we know is - he's called "The Stig"
by RayzorSharp October 19, 2007
to drive like a crazy bastard in order to get somewhere quicker if you're late.... or to get away from the rozzers...
I saw the cops in my mirror so I stigged it out of there
by tgfan111 July 09, 2009
A fat, lazy, Puerto Rican teacher/cop/lacrosse coach. Known to be a complete retard and sleeps with his mother
Stigs: Hey morons, I really dont feel like teaching today, so go on your laptops


Stigs: I do alright for myself
by waaa February 14, 2005
Super Sexy
Awesome in bed
Great dresser
Multi-talented artist
Great husband and father
Bad with money
Stig can leap off a building on fire, literally.
by 1Mamabear February 03, 2010
1. Someone who is like a tramp
2. Always after someones things eg sweets/money etc
3. Badly dressed and looks dirty
"You are such a stig"
"Stop stigging my stuff"
by Mr Smee's Friend August 15, 2005
A nice boy who lives in a skip with his roomate hooshlag. Hair is always straight but natural as there are no plugs in the skip, and is captain alongside his roomie hooshlag on there ship "the mighty losbter". Unfortunately not as good a crimper as hooshlag.
Hey Stig, go clean the poodeck overthere woodyah, or the skip will go smelly!
by Hooshlag (lucy) October 08, 2008
1.(n)a STudious yet IGnorant individual. Witnessed often by those who excel academically but are genuinely unintelligent.
"Look at the Honor Roll list. Fuckin' stigs."
by Yeah October 23, 2004
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