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Taken from the "American Pie/Wedding" movie series.

Noun: Someone who is optimistic, self-centered, and completely oblivious to his effects on others.

Verb: When a person completely ruins something by obliviously being himself.
"Dude, we were having a good time, until Bob started dancing and completely stifflered the party."
by NewsBruin January 15, 2004
the real definition for stiffler is a ledegenary guy how holds great status amoungst males and females.
what Ian pulled three ladies then had sex with them all? yeah but he's no stiffler.
by SeanX May 13, 2003
Taken from the "American Pie" movie series.
Noun: The fucking monster, the fucking evil, or the fucing king ....

Who wants to enjoy the life with girls....
No tension at all..
And do not do real love...
My name is Stiffler and i love to Fuck...
by Akhilesh Stiffler... November 20, 2010
(adj.) getting so inebriated/cannabinoid intoxicated that one will try to take advantage of a female in a closet
Dude, i just had the most stiffler weekend ever.

I heard Kyle had one stiffler of a weekend.
by FreeWilly94 May 25, 2010
Clarence Stiffler - an undergrond pornstar who is also a porno music DJ
Clarence Stiffler is a pornographic motherfucker!
by Clarence Stiffler June 18, 2003
Person who thinks they know real music when in actuality they do not; person who jumps on a bandwagon after someone or something becomes popular.
Many people became Stiffler's when visors were popular.
by xlae-x March 24, 2003
Those certain people who deside that they need to go out to a restraurant to eat and rack up a $100 check then also deside not to tip the server.
Bob brings his family out to eat at a restraurant and the bill is $150. He pay with two $100 bills and gets $50 in change. Leaves without leaving so much as a penny of the change his server knows he has. He is therefore a stiffler.
by briq December 03, 2006
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