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2 definitions by NewsBruin

Taken from the "American Pie/Wedding" movie series.

Noun: Someone who is optimistic, self-centered, and completely oblivious to his effects on others.

Verb: When a person completely ruins something by obliviously being himself.
"Dude, we were having a good time, until Bob started dancing and completely stifflered the party."
by NewsBruin January 15, 2004
It is The Elbow of Mass Destruction; it is The Elbow of Mass Delight.

Possessed by One Brian Allison, it contains enough destructity to eliminate multiple climate zones at one fell drop. Survivors will be dealt with accordingly with the Chemical Elbow, the Biological Elbow, and ultimately the Nu-kyoo-lur Elbow.
"I've heard the UN is afraid to outlaw The Atomic Elbow for fear of swift repercussions."
by NewsBruin January 15, 2004