The act of lathering super glue on a dildo and sticking it in a girls asshole.
A girl got sticky buns when that dildo became stuck.
by Zwils May 11, 2011
Ejaculate smeared over someone's bum.
I gave Matt a good stickybun.
by Doubloons, not Dubstep March 30, 2011
A sexual act where the girl has her hair in Princess Leia or other bun-type hairstyle, onto which the guy ejaculates. May be a purposeful act, or accidental.
Marissa: "MMM yeah, right in my mouth baby!"
Jack: "Whoops I missed! Oh well, STICKY BUN!"
by blakbird86 July 03, 2012
when it's so darn hot your ass sticks to everything
Hold on I can't get up yet. I have sticky buns
by hot in vermont May 27, 2010
a sexual act involving the placement of used gum into your partners anus during sex.
yo dude, i gave leslie a sticky bun last night and she loved it!
by francis K March 21, 2011
When a male fucks a womans buttcheeks as if he were titty fucking them and then skeets on her ass crack henceforth sealing it shut.
Me and my girlfriend baked some sticky buns last night
by skeeto February 22, 2007
cockney slang for having the runs
oh crap, i got the sticky buns
by rainny July 26, 2007

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