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A positive word used in general conversation when something is better than good.
I got a sticklebricks result in that exam!
Wow, that's sticklebricks.
by gravy123 June 26, 2011
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A cute name for your bf/gf because you like being close to them
Guy: Wanna come round 2nite?
Girl: Ok no probs sticklebrick
by GJW+CS February 10, 2010
Another name for testicles
Ow, I just sat on my sticklebricks!
by Durwood September 12, 2006
'Sticklebrick' is a term used when snuggling one's male partner, and becoming 'sticklebricked' or 'stuck' to them due to the prescence of facial hair. This case is most likely if the female partner has long hair.
"You've sticklebricked me" A term used when becoming stuck to your partner.
by AJ August 08, 2004
a particuarlly difficult and uncorfortable shit or occasionaly a anal discharge
sam mckellen; i been having some stickle bricks lately
random 5 yr old boy; shut up! lets make with anal love already!
by masterofrpg May 14, 2004

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