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The act whereafter a man cums on a woman's tits, she proceeds to press herself against the man's body, or alternatively a third-party, thereby stickering them.
Oh my god, did you hear that Dick came all over Fanny's chest and then she went about stickering everyone in the dorm!
by Sticky McStickFace August 05, 2016
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Using an old fling that you aren't really in to, to get you over one you are.

When you have a sticker on your hand, that you just want off, you use one finger to get it off the other finger and then you keep going back and forth, until the sticker is off your hand.
Yeah, I was stickering last night with my old boyfriend.

Just do some stickering and you will feel better.

Stop stickering with that guy!

I was talking with my ex last night but I was just stickering, I don't even like him.
by IHMS March 05, 2011
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