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The act of male masturbation using your own shit for lubrication.
Why does my boyfriend's dick smell like shit? Maybe he was stewing.
#stewing #masturbation #shit #lubrication #masturbate
by mdhold May 14, 2010
The act of sitting all day (like a stew) and watching television.
My bestfriend and I were stewing all day yesterday and watched the whole first season of GOT
by Devco96 April 05, 2016
The act of repressing a deuce, usually due to lack of facilities or proper crapper conditions, allowing the feces to develop a more pungent aroma than normal, leading to horrific smelling gas.
I've had this shit stewing for hours, this is gonna reek.
#deuce #gas #pool #brown #shit #feces
by Jibba22 April 04, 2008
The act of getting into bed naked immediately after a shower, in order to dry off and warm up.
We had an awesome stewing sesh in Ayia Napa. it was so warm and cuddly
#shnuggles #cuddle #fuzzy #shower #dry
by Doolz March 18, 2008
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