the longest word you can type with your left hand.

listen to brand new
by brandNEWrawks March 29, 2005
Top Definition
The longest word along with reverberated that you can type with your left hand.

Stewardesses are women flight attendants.
The stewardesses have sore butts after a long day of work.
Steawrdesses steawrdessesw stewardesses steardesse steardesses steawrdesses stewardesses stewardesses stewardesses stewardesses stewardesses steardesses stewardesses stewardesses,
not so easy, eh? I find reverberated easier, myself.

by InjusticeForAll November 12, 2005
Synonymous for female flight attendant. Considered sexist in some countries, but not as defamatory as sky harlots.
When I was still your age, we used to call flight attendants stewardesses.
by Balea July 28, 2008
the longest word you can type using only your left hand
by b0ner July 13, 2003
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