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Like owned or pwned, but only useable in a political context. Used when you have achieved victory in an (often online) political debate.

Common misspellings such as "Sternt", "Sternd" and "Sternz0red" are also acceptable.
Winner One : "OMFG, Sterned biyatch"
Winner Two : "Yeah, u got sternt lol"
by Beerdude26 February 15, 2006
The realization that you spend far too much time on a meaningless internet forum, instead of focusing on the things in your life that matter most.
Wow, I'm feeling sterned right now. I need to reexamine my priorities!
by Stern Lover March 19, 2008
a situation in which no matter what you do you can't get that last piece of shit out of your ass.
I missed the concert because I got sterned for 2 hours.
by jefortuno March 13, 2006
to get screwed over by someone who makes up ridiculous rules/enforces rules that you don't like. Derived from former NBA commissioner David Stern.
We got sterned, Nate said a bounce counts as 3 cups at his house, such bullshit.
by sterned August 25, 2014
the act of getting extremely drunk and not remembering half of the night
We sterned it up last night
by mizswm November 15, 2010
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