The lame retarded way of spelling Steven
Stephen- "oh, hey there other steve!"

Steven- "Your name is retarded..."
by Stevelord666 March 02, 2011
Young boy who eats five plates of food per meal and is known for his ping-pong technique. Commonly uses phrases such as "ass-blood", "dick shelf", and "dick spike." Knows how to put his dick in a box. Craves Italian men and boys named Chad. Is partial to Indians.
Stephen is such a badass.
by bbordahc May 03, 2009
Male Youth in smart casuals and white trainers acting like a tosser or knobjockey after a few drinks in the pub.

Fully fledged - a stephen with ginger hair
That guy is such a stephen.

by Bodge001 September 04, 2008
A Stephen is a greasy douche bag. Who likes to seek attention by showing off his pubs. He usually likes to be sexually with "williams" but can go with "brandons" or "codys" also. No one likes a "stephen"
ex; That stephen is soooooooo weird.
by stellyishalot April 28, 2009
1. A boy who loves spanish pool boys in the pants

2. A little boy who loves the feel of mustaches and goes all horney getting the 1cm stiffy
1. Boy your are the biggest stephen ever
2. Stop Stephening me
3. Comon lets stephen
by the Jamacian king October 15, 2008
Pertains to a boy that enjoys jizzing into other peoples cups (usually spider-man cups)

Stephen is generally a gengly creature, with facial piecings and approximatley 5'8.
ew Stephen you cup jizzer
by Julia & Joel G-O May 09, 2008
A name given to you if your parents knew you would be a complete failure, so decisded to start it off with a GAY name
"He is going to be a complete failure"

"yes, i know, lets call him Stephen"
by Ice Queen666 August 06, 2009

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