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1. Crumbelievable
2. God
3. Funny T.V. Host on Comedy Central. He truly sets himself apart from the Daily show which is very impressive and was originally surprising.
1. Stephen Colbert is CRUMBELIEVABLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Stephen is God.
3. Stephen is a good TV show host...
by Thor B December 07, 2006
Fictional charater played by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report.
That's not really Stephen Colbert, he's just playing the part of Stephen Colbert
by Action Steve December 07, 2006
Is the host of the satirical fake news show "The Colbert Report" as Stephen Colbert. Probably the funniest guy currently on television. Has a surprising amount of fangirls, which in itself is really creepy.
Stephen Colbert plays Stephen Colbert in "The Colbert Report".
by Camnation January 03, 2007
Stephen Colbert is one of the greatest comedians and entertainers alive. He is the host of the Colbert Report, and was jabbing at running for presidential office 08'. If Stephen Colbert ran for pres 08 it would probably off throw the election drastically, and would probably end badly. He would probably be the most influential candidate of the 2008 election because he is so idealized by America, and myself.
Hell, if Stephen Colbert ran, I would vote for him over any of these yahoo's. He cant tell a lie.
by The Big Tipper November 09, 2007
He is America. (And so can you!)
"Do you know Stephen Colbert?"
"Oh yeah. He's America!"
by njm222 September 20, 2009
I tried having Stephen Colbert's baby but I couldn't carry something with balls that big to term.
Stephen Colbert is GOD.
by Calvinandhobbes September 01, 2008
1. The best news anchor in the history of TIME!! Hosts the Colbert Report on comedy central. Also kown as Stephen T. Colbert.

2. The act of getting something named after yourself. Originates from the fact that Stephen Colbert is so awesome that he has a shit load of stuff named after him.
1. "The T's are silent, and they stand for truth!"-Stephen Colbert.

2. "As you know i am the undisputed king of geting things named after me, in fact the very act of getting something named after you is called a 'Stephen Colbert'."-Stephen Colbert.
by whipyouwithawetnoodle September 17, 2009