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1)The humorous persona that has become known as other have put it "The most geniunely courageous and intelligent All-American HERO. A former correspondant of Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show", he was so great that he was given a spin-off show that ended up being just about as successful. Called "The Colbert Report", the show centres around an illogical right-wing egomaniac who attempts to deliver the news with a splash of truthiness."

2)Colberts own identity as a person who is obviously a brilliant person to come up with the stuff he does for his show.

3)The TRUE name of the space node that NASA decided to falsely call tranquility. Colbert Nation knows the TRUE name of that node.

4)a lousy treadmill there gonna send into space as a way to cheat colbert out of what he won. (see definition 3) nobody really gives a damn about this treadmill and its really an insult to Colbert Nation.
(1-3) When Stephen Colbery becomes Galactic Overlord he will smite the fools at NASA who cheated him.

(4) Stephen Colbert doesnt really give a damn about the C.O.L.B.E.R.T POS.

by Brisingr April 15, 2009
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