Footballer for Bolton Wanderers.
Me:"Stelios Giannakopoulos is crap dude!"

Friend:" At least he's not as bad as Campo."

Me:" Meh, support Man U."
by Monkeyseat December 07, 2004
Top Definition
A sexy Greek god with an enormous dick.
I want to fuck Stelios.
by SteliC November 03, 2011
A Greek male name with Italian origins, meaning Star (Stelar).
Also, the female version of Stela
The mad guy who owns EasyJet, EasyEverything, EasyCar.
Also I Greek singer (Stelios Kazantzides)
by Steve August 15, 2003
A Greek male. A cheeky, sneaky little creature. See also: slippery gypsy.
Me: "Man, that guy is sneaky!"
Friend: "Yeah, must be a Stelios. What a slippery little gypsy!"
by annikab April 27, 2011
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