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1. The act of not being able to steer correctly while driving and texting. Often, leading a vehicle to veer off in different directions or even swerve while in motion.
2. One who appears to be in a trance like state when they text and drive. But who fails to responsibly look around themselves while driving a moving vehicle.
3. The principle act that leads cars to suddenly and without notice smash in to a large tree or other road side object.
"The Interstate was crowded by slow steerking vehicles, and full of negligent drivers who apparently had no consideration for the safety of those around them."

Drexting, Drive-texting, Text-Driving, Driving and Texting, Texting and Driving, Responsible Texting, Swerving, Sterking, Starking, Texting, Steering
by Schizo@theBat September 30, 2013
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