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A computer game having the same rules as Dungeons and Dragons. Can be played online and is great for roleplaying, and it happens to be the best game in existance and everyone should have it.
I'm going to play Neverwinter Nights!
by Kayla Pape October 17, 2003
1) Neverwinter Nights; Developed by BioWare in 2002 as an implementation for 3rd edition D&D rules, although the focus of game design was clearly upon graphics technology and multiplayer capability. In short, they left out much of the role-playing potential, particularly storyline and in-depth character development.

2) Game by the same title and same developers, although released many years ago in 1987. Was responsible for supplementing many inspirations of online gaming at the time.
Neverwinter Nights
by Alhadis December 12, 2003
Great game.
Too bad it was made by freakin' Bioware - The only damn company to make elves with BEARDS.
by i_lyk_cheeze April 20, 2004
Neverwinter Nights is a computer game made in 2002. Its a role playing game (RPG) in which you travel accross the land of neverwinter to do quests, i think its a great game.
"Hey dave, i bought Neverwinter Nights yesterday, its awesome."
"Told ya so, i killed a dragon yesterday"
by Craig828 December 22, 2005
A game to teabag World of Warcraft players with.
NeverWinter Nights

NWN player: Hey dude! Open your mouth!

WoW player: *opens mouth*

NWN player: *dangles balls and nwn in the WoW fag's mouth*
by FakeyFake McFake March 08, 2009
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