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Act of transfering a duty or task to a worker not actually in the chain of command of the assigner, always without knowlege of the worker's superior. Normally done to seem like a promotion or reward for the worker but really is a way to pawn of unwanted work. Dutiful worker sets precident of doing the work before his boss finds out and thus it becomes a permanent part of the worker's duties.
Useful when strategic incompetence is unsucessful.
A required skill in today's corporate world
Accountant: Dude - your so great I'm gonna award you the Data Collection Champion position
Drone 1: Whoa, I'm stoked, a promotion; what do I do
Accountant: Oh, lots of things, like collect all receipts and invoices and turn them in to me each month - very important

Drone 1: Awesome, I'm moving up!
Accountant: One other thing, I don't want anyone to get jealous of your new work so don't tell your boss, he might try to keep you down, and keep doing all your other great work
Drone 1: spy work
Drone 2: just got stealth delegation 'd
by TedDeadMan July 11, 2011
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