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An alternate name for the city of East Haven, Connecticut. Often linked to the high concentration of Italian-Americans living in the New Haven / Valley vicinity. Most notable mention in 'Christmas in Ea'Staven' parody on KC101.3
The Staven's fulla Guidos and Ginas: big hair, Cameros, and canoli.
by smartcar August 09, 2004
The nickname given to a Connecticut town to the east of the famous New Haven, Connecticut. East Haven was given this name years ago.
Italian's accent fooled people when they said "East Haven" and people would be like "Staven, where is that?."
by Chellie March 07, 2005
town full of italians
if u arnet one u get beat
person 1: are you italian?
person 2: no
by italian from east haven July 30, 2004
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