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A Boston slang term for a State Trooper.
Some statie pulled me over last night... He was a wicked asshole.
by JaJaJaJade June 29, 2006
dirty state school kids, generally like rugby league and come from shit suburbs.

the guy that will be doing the rubbish run in 2-3 years.

the chick that will be cleaning up the spilt cat food in aisle 7.
look at that statie chick in her wu-tang pants with three kids hanging of her hair and needles falling out of her pockets. is that dried semen on her leg.... why i believe it is...

''i'd tap that...... psyche.''
''dude you'd catch leprosy''
by muffles pants shire August 28, 2007
A cop that is employed by the state; they only patrol the roads, and enforce traffic safety. Some staties are caring and are 'team players'. The other staties just want to act like egotistical pricks instead of acting proffesional, by acting like king shit hollywood cops, unlike real cops who keep the 'real' criminals off the streets.
"Engine 5 off at that MVC, we've got a statie trying to pull an injured woman out of that mini van, get a hold of his supervisor and tell him to get the hell away from the car before someone gets hurt."
by DKbikes October 27, 2007
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