Of architecture or design that implies immediate gratification or satisfaction. Taken from the medical term 'stat' meaning right now, without any arguement.
'That doctor calls for all his surgical tools in statch style.' or 'The nazi architecture at it's finest evolution emphasised austere but larger than life horizontal scale punctuated by statch verticals: colors, lines, fabrics, symbols, music and ancient mysteries worthy of being considered a new form of religion.'
by Manifest Destiny July 05, 2006
Top Definition
An underage girl. Combination of the words statutory, as in statutory rape, the penalty for copulating with a minor, and the word Snatch, slang for a Vagina which is also used in reference to a female of the species.
'Andy, you only want that job working at the mall because you like chasing statch.'
by Jim March 25, 2005
A person who makes a point of pursuing underaged partners. The term is derived from a combination of Statutory (as in statutory rape) and Sketch (as in sketchy). A person who is statch may be a former member of a group or organization who returns many years later, attempting to fit in, as a means of finding girls under the legal age of consent.
People of college attending age or older dating people of high school age.
People who attend adolescent gatherings over the socially acceptable age who attempt to persuade younger participants in sexual exploits.
People who pursue 'jail bait'.

People who look very much older than their partner, especially if their partner looks very youthful.

Person 1: "Did you see Mike over there hitting on that high schooler?"
Person 2: "He is so stach, he is old enough to be her dad!"

Person 1: "That guy is totally statch"
Person 2: "Why does John's parties always attract these pedophiles?"

Person 1: "Jason's girlfriend is so statch"
Person 2: "Why, because she used to be his babysitter?"
by shakeyjay January 19, 2010
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