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Any attempt at sarcasm which does not achieve the desired response from the audience.

Sarcasm that is not funny.

Any comment that has you questioning why anyone would possibly favor the dilemma that is presented to them.
Ex./ Alex: I mean, I guess I like getting killed crossmap by a hatchet after being choked twice by nova gas and wounded by a semtex.

Jenkz: Why in the world would you like getting killed by a hatchet while choking on nova gas and injured by a semtex? No one would ever like something like that. Stop with the Starkasm already dude! Shut up and watch the killcam.
by Slinks29 December 20, 2010
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1. like sarcasm, but more related to puns

2. sarcasm spoken by a Stark
1. I guess you could say that was some STARKASM

2. I guess you could say that was some STARKASM
by superturd May 08, 2010

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