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To play starcraft.
Me: Yo u wanna stark later?
Andy: Yea let's do it should we get Kevin?
Me: No he's a noob.
by Entaro Tassadar November 18, 2010
3 14
someone who is good in bed, stark directly translated means able to withstand; strong
damn i want stark in bed
by jeff stark May 04, 2005
259 130
Owner of the tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.
Once she had some of the Stark Stick, she new munching carpets would never satisfy her again.
by The Word January 04, 2004
163 115
A pseudo intellectual user at the popular message board GameFAQ's who takes glee in making attention whoring topics in which he attempts to get many a post.
What a surprise, Starks is posting another stupid topic.
~*Insert user here*
by Kyle Jackson March 24, 2005
33 15
1. forbiddingly bare and plain: forbidding in its bareness and lack of any ornament, relieving feature, or pleasant prospect
2. unambiguous and harsh: presented in plain, unambiguous, and usually rather harsh terms
3. complete: having reached the fullest extent or degree of something
4. without clothes: completely unclothed and uncovered
5. rigid: showing or affected by rigor mortis (archaic)
confronting stark reality
by boingat January 16, 2005
57 52
An awesome deli in Keansburg NJ on the Corner of Carr Ave and Church Street. Known for their famous Pork Roll, Egg, And Cheese Sandwiches known as Sliders.
Yo lets go to Starks and get a slider.
Good ol' Sliders the grease goes right through the wax paper.
by J-How November 07, 2007
12 9
Something with the absence or lack of popular approval.
"That club last night was stark as hell. There were holes in the dance floor and a ten to one dick to vag ratio."
by bro-in out March 16, 2009
26 28
One who overcompensates for his/her/it's insecurities (i.e. being fat, or having a small penis) by being overtly cocky, aggressive, or aggressively defensive.
You see that fat f***, Jake over there? He just told that fine honey that he wants to f*** her in the bathroom. OH SHI*! She just called him a fatass and he ripped her in half and is now defecating in her internal organs! Man, that kid is such a starks.
by SquigglesFBleezy June 02, 2011
7 12