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A women who is, or appears to be, of questionable hygiene. Usually projecting a "hoochie" image. Synonym: Skank, Stank Ho, Stank Hoe.
I don't need to smell her, I already know Courtney Love is a Stank Hole.
by kdn June 11, 2004
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1. An unclean vagina usually posessed by the sluttiest, trashiest, stupidest, STD infested whores in your city/town.

2. An insult, derived from #1, to call someone a stupid slut.
Slut: Hey baby, lookin' for a good time?

Man: No thanks you whore, I don't fuck stankholes.
by Interminater December 17, 2005
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1. A humorous or derogatory term meant to reference any bodily orifice.

2. A humorous term of endearment for a close friend or family member. The humor is derived from dirty or unclean connotations.
1. Shut your stank hole.

2. What up my stank holes?
by stank hole marc January 31, 2011
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an unclean vagina, often omitting unpleasant odors.
Damn beeotch! You need ta take dat stankhole to da carwash!
by Steve January 06, 2003
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