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A level of hotness for a woman. Typically associated with upper class, older women who typically use plastic surgery to enhance their look. Large breasts are almost neccesary to be included in this level of hotness. A pretty face is not. The newest type of MILF.
You see that fine older dime piece over there. With those breasts, she's Bravo Housewife Hot.
by spuds927 May 28, 2010
The act of placing your arm under the shower head to create a concentrated stream of water most often used to blast coagulated jizz down the shower drain.

The Stanhope is effective for 20+ male shower jerk off sessions.
My jizz was stuck all over the shower floor. I wasn't going to step in that shit, so I used The Stanhope and blasted that shit down the drain.
by spuds927 November 13, 2013

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