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An exclamation of extreme displeasure, comperable to damnit. Can be combined with other words to emphasize distress.

Derived from episodes 12 and 13 of "Clone High", in which John Stamos steals prom king from the principal.
"Stealth field, sucks to be you!"

"That city will never close."
by Baity November 05, 2004
a very large penis
doctor, my stamos burns with the intensity of a thousand hot suns
by quankyswank November 16, 2009
someone who "goes all out" unnecessarily.

someone who is flirting hopelessly with a member of the opposite sex & going overboard.

a person on the brink of annoyance & possibly crossing a line.
I'm getting really sick of Steve trying to impress girls with his stupid stories & lies, he's such a stamo.
by 1/2 mike July 11, 2006
* Stamos is an aspect or measurement of reality that is often quite hard to explain to an outsider. Stamos describes an abstraction of cool, awesome, or auspicious things or circumstances, normally defined by the user of the word with an infinate range of values.
* History of Stamos: First used as a unit of measurement by The Great Saget, or Bob Saget as was his birth name. The Great Saget also is beleived to be the coiner of the less popular term DJ(pronounced Deej) which is the equal and opposite unit of measurement for all things stupid, lame, and/or toolish. This term has waned in popularity as it was often confused with getting a BJ(pronounced Beej) which is freakin like a million stamos. In those days called the Pax Fullhousia a cult of personality developed around Saget. In a fit of spiritual exstacy Saget shouted, “Yea, and Stamos shall be the term in which ye shall name all things good. I tell you this my children Halle Berry is at least 1,000,000 stamos. Brothers, do you not agree!”
Usage: “Dude, that time we saw that guy do that thing! Yeah that was at least 1000 Stamos.”
A slang word for sex or fucking.

Derived from John Stamos, most well known for portraying Uncle Jesse who of course went out and banged many ladies. Also He was married to Supermodel Rebecca Romijn, so a lot of sex went on.
Noun: Hey, Want to go have Stamos?
Verb: I went home and Stamosed her good.
by PittKapS04 August 20, 2005
A Synonym for cool. its roots trace back to the late 1980's or early 1990's when the television show full house was popular.sweet
Dude, My parents just bought me this totally Stamos new car.

He is so stamos!
by John May 06, 2004
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