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Once a nice quiet town in Tameside, around 8 miles from Manchester, then was a busy nightlife town bustling with folk from all over the place, now a dead end smack hole full of kebab shops and the Donnelly family.
Ridge Hill, Copley, Brushes. All council estates in Stalybridge Eww.
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by hatemanchesteritsshit June 26, 2009
A town situated between Mossley and Ashton. Has a rubbish football team called Stalybridge Celtic. Has to incorporate shit areas of housing such as Ridgehill. Has some good clubs and pubs though - Stalyvegas ;) Got a new train station too, looks pretty good. Has a resident homeless dude called 'schnapps' 'cause that's what he's always drinking :D . Had another tramp called 'mad joe' but he suffocated in a clothes bin lmao! :) Stalybridge has a Tesco (good for doughnuts) and an annual 'jump in the canal from tesco bridge day' have fun :)
Person 1: coming down stalyvegas?
Person 2: yeah let's go rififi
Person 1: kk
Chav: I'm a sad fuck-up with no GCSE's who lives in Ridgehill
Person 1: chav-hunt needed
Person 2: kill all those stalybridge fuckers
#stalybridge #town #schapps #mad joe #rififi #scum #chav #ridgehill #lol
by lolololol!!!!lol March 25, 2009
A place next to the inbred town of Mossley. It has lots of pubs and clubs which results in the high young alcoholics rate.
"i wanna go stalybridge, get pissed innit" ;)
#stalybridge #staleybridge #stalyvegas #staly #bridge #staleybrige
by Vickyyy. August 22, 2008
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